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We supply fast, reliable and affordable Windows Server website hosting that includes full support for "the works": ASP.NET, Frontpage, Choice of MySQL, MSSQL 2000 or 2005 DB, ATLAS, Silverlight, ASP 3.0, PHP4 & PHP5, and Plesk; also backed up by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Webmasters Infotech is a trustworthy Chandigarh based web hosting provider company, providing world classwindows web hosting services that are totally secure, extremely reliable, completely scalable, besides being cheap and affordable. Windows 2003 provides powerful performance for your website providing complete support for all popular Microsoft applications including MS Access, SQL 2000, Active Server Pages and much more.

Our windows web hosting services are perfect for any company/ business needing complete reliability, scalability and back-end support for today's web sites.

We are windows based hosting providers to offer value added features like framework hosting and MySQL on windows based infrastructure and others to offer the ability to run PHP and Apache on a familiar Windows platform.


Webmasters Infotech (best website development company) was founded in 2013 and has 5 years experience in assisting organizations throughout the world with their IT software needs.

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