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If you wish to get into the freelancing bandwagon, and build your career as a Freelance Developer, then you must realize the importance of time. PHP Laravel is a framework that makes life much easier for a PHP Developer, and minimizes the amount of coding, with its in-built functionalities. Speaking of time, as a Freelance Laravel Programmer and Developer, you have very little of it as numerous small and mid sized businesses prefer to hire remote workers.


Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for building web applications. With its various useful features it lets developers build their websites fast and without the struggle. Also, itís very fluent, user friendly and easy to learn and understand.

Laravel is a framework that comes with many features that simply work out of the box. The biggest difference ó in my opinion ó between Symfony and Laravel is that itís extremely easy to start and learn Laravel. Laravelís console called Artisan provides many helpers to help you with rapid development. Authentication works out-of-the-box for user login, registration, password reset, sending emails etc. There is almost no configuration to change to start. Excellent Laravel documentation gives you step by step course how to use it.

Best way to start learning is by watching Laravel course. It will give you quick overview how to and what where to find. What Laravel course may not contain are some details, function parameters etc. Reading documentation can give you more insight into all available features.
Laravel with its famous facades gives you an opportunity to build app faster by not overcomplicating your first MVP. Donít take its possibility for rapid development as a bad thing. Laravel from my experience also scales very well and you can optimize and configure it as you want.