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  • Java is beginner friendly

Java evolved from the languages C and C++, which are also still widely used today. While Java shares some functionalities with C and C++, it has evolved into a much more beginner-friendly language. For example, Java handles many of the tedious, complex tasks such as memory management and pointers, making it easier to write and run for new programmers.

Java brings an Object Oriented approach to programming, which allows even the newest Java developers to start modeling the world around them in code, and thinking like a developer.

Object oriented programming also makes it easy to maintain and modify existing code, meaning that even beginner programs can begin to work on enterprise projects.

While Java is sometimes criticized for being verbose and inflexible, these traits can actually benefit new programmers. Because Java is checked for errors before running, new developers are less likely to come across unknown runtime errors. Additionally, Java forces developers to define all aspects of their code carefully, leaving less room for errors as programs gro

  • Java gives you competitive advantage

According to coding bootcamp industry research conducted by Course Report, only 12% of coding bootcamps teach Java. 67% teach “client-side” or web application languages like JavaScript and Ruby, and some bootcamp graduates have complained that the industry is flooded with web development bootcamp grads

For aspiring software developers who want to stand out from the rest, learning a server-side programming language like Java will help you stand out, and make you eligible for tens of thousands of server-side programming jobs.