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  • Ease Of Use

Bootstrap provides LESS files for those who are accustomed to CSS preprocessing but if you donít know it or donít want to use it, you can have plain CSS files as well. All you need to do is download the files from Bootstrapís website, unzip them and include them in the head of your HTML files. This gives you the access to the entire framework and you can start using the pre defined bootstrap classes with our markup. Before you start converting your designs to markup
 it is very important that the designs use the default bootstrap framework grid.
  • High Flexible

Bootstrap gives the developers the flexibility to develop. Its a CSS framework with predefined classes for layout using its grid system, various CSS components and Javascript functions. These are all included and the developer has the flexibility and freedom of using only those classes that are needed in the markup. This makes it highly flexible as only those objects that are needed in the markup are used by the developer leaving the rest.

  • Responsive Grid

This is the strongest part of the bootstrap framework. Bootstrap offers a 12 column grid system. The grid system is responsive, that is it adjusts itself depending on the device resolution of the client. These grids have further classes that have been defined in sync with the device resolution that they represent. These grids have classes xs, sm, md and lg each representing a device resolution. All the developer needs to do is include these classes while defining the visibility of an element in the markup and hence come up with a responsive website. The responsive grid makes developing responsive websites really easy using bootstrap.